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“ Evaluating Information”

Topic: Education about evaluation of information.

Description: In this game you will learn how to evaluate information. There are 3 scenes in the game: The art class, where you have to read and evaluate four articles about Leonardo da Vinci and Impressionism. Workshop scene, where you have to read a text for time and answer five questions. The last scene is Environment scene, where you have to sort 11 notes.

Educational goals: To teach us how to better evaluate the information - scanning through texts, distinguishing the rubbish in the information, in-depth reading.











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“Nurd Burd – additional e-game about evaluation of information”

Topic: Education about how todistinguish the valuable information from the information that isn't.

Description: This is one additional e-game on the topic of evaluation for information. The main character in it is a bird that wants to eat some crumbles in the park. The crumbles symbolize the pieces of information. Some of them contain useful and valuable information while others are “rubbish” and invaluable information. However, when trying to eat the crumbles the bird needs some help from the player in order to decide which crumbles to eat and which not. Thus, the player has to think a little bit and differentiate between valuable and not valuable information.

Educational goals: To raise awareness and provoke discussion about what is considered valuable information and what not; to raise awareness about the criteria according to which one should decide which information is valuable and which is not