The Violence of Information project main aim is to contribute the media literacy of youngsters and their creativity via developing new tools for youth trainers and youth workers. The project aims to develop approaches and training materials in 4 important thematic areas: search strategies; evaluating information; manipulation by information; safe in Internet;

The project objectives are:
a/  to train and raise awareness of youth workers, youth trainers and leaders in the 4 focus areas (mentioned above);
b/ to improve the capacity of the youth centers, youth organizations and youngsters in 4 areas of media literacy and to provide them concrete approaches and tools; the developed methods and tools will contribute the Youth in Action programme activities;
c/ to contribute the media literacy of young people via development of innovative tools that could be used in youth workshops, youth training courses and seminars;
d/ via the developed approaches and modern media training materials to contribute the personal, social and occupational life of young people;

Project target group involves: youth workers and youth trainers; youth leaders of youth organizations or centers; young team leaders and youth project leaders;

Main project activities:
a/ Training course and Contact seminar;
b/ Development of 4 online games in 4 thematic areas;
c/ Development of Web site including training section, tools section, resources section and communication tools;
d/ Design of Manual with theory and practical examples of training approaches and tools;
e/ Training model for organizing youth training activities concerning 4 thematic areas;