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How to Search the Internet Effectively

You can maximize the potential of search engines by learning how they work, and how to use them quickly and effectively.

How to use Boolean operators

More about Boolean operators

This page is designed to help you get more accurate search results.



:: Evaluate the information ::


How to evaluate Online information


How to Evaluate Information Found Online - Four Key Questions to Judge if Online Information is Reliable


Search Tools. Evaluating Web Pages: Why and How



:: Manipulation of Information ::


Manipulation Media Examples


Manipulation Through Mass Media



:: Safety in Internet ::


Some general tips on how to tell if the web site and information is reliable


Why is Internet Safety Important?


Internet Identity Theft Prevention


Internet Security: Staying Safe Online



:: Game Development Tools ::


Game Maker is a limited game development tool that allows creating small and relatively simple games without the need of writing any code. You can create nice looking games just using drag-and-drop actions and events.


Game editor is a game development tool that helps you design games without knowing anything about programming. The way you develop the game is by setting actions fired by events. For the more advanced developers there is a built-in scripts system which can be used to program objects or characters


Adobe Flash Professional is a development tool that allows creating interactive content, video, graphics, animation, websites, presentations, mobile content. It's the most popular tool for creating animated online content as well as offline multimedia and presentations. The capability of using powerful Actionscript code allows the development of complex applications and games